Qr Code Dynamic Certificate Generator and Authentication (QCDCGA) Application

Qr Code Dynamic Certificate Generator and Authentication (QCDCGA) Application

Education Certificate Authentication | Government Document Authentication

Since the outbreak of corona virus, the learning system across the world has been shifted to an online learning mode which brings about the digital risk of E-learning certificate. Moreover, many students in Africa who go to further their study abroad with non-digital educational certifications and documents often face authentication issues and they are ushered to redo the same program as a fresher other even loose their job or they cannot find a job for authentication issues. In this light, to mitigate certificate counterfeit, maxtekAI opts for digital solution by developing QCDCGA (Qr Code Dynamic Certificate Generator And Authentication) across Africa by empowering certificate issuing body with a two step Qr code technology encrypted in a database to prevent its forgery and to ease the authenticity and validation process by any organizations across the world.

I.) Project Description

The QCDCGA system will include the following key features:

  • Secure Login for admin
  • Dashboard statistics display.
  • Creating and managing certificate.
  • Creating and managing Administrator.
  • Creating and managing Administrator roles.
  • Profile update.
  • Password Reset
  • Menu Conversion feature allows for easy to navigate optimized menu(s). Integrate any information you would like

The application will give to certificate issuing bodies a strong sense of satisfaction by accomplishing the following goals:

  1. Generating of certificate easily
  2. Updating of already generated certificate
  3. Managing system administrators by setting rules on each account for security
  4. Validation of the uniqueness of the certificates
  5. Managing the database and the certificates
  6. Managing the license issues of the institutions

II.) Development Package

The sections below outline each development package and how it relates to your system.

1. Domain name

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet.

2. SSL Certificate

SSL provides a secure channel between two machines or devices operating over the internet or an internal network. One common example is when SSL is used to secure communication between a web browser and a web server. This turns a website's address from HTTP to HTTPS, the 'S' standing for 'secure'.

3. VPC acquisition, installation, and security configuration

Virtual private clouds OR Virtual private computer enables you to launch resources into a virtual network that you've defined. This virtual network closely resembles a traditional network that you'd operate in your own data center or office, with the benefits of using scalable infrastructures.

4. Technical support

A technical support representative is focused on resolving your issue as quickly as possible. Technical support reps listen to symptoms, try to reproduce the issue, and quickly provide a solution to the issue.

5. Maintenance and update

  • System maintenance is an umbrella term that encompasses various forms of computer maintenance needed to keep a system running.
  • Regular maintenance of your systems helps your systems to run more smoothly as well as reduce the risk of them breaking down. A well-maintained application ensures your staff and business has no technology roadblocks that hamper productivity and will also lead to a reduction in support costs.

- NOTE: This development includes integration of third-party software.

III.) Security Measure Considered

There are few security measures we are going to implement on the system to ensure you have a secured and well-functioning application.

  • Server login access secure

Using SSH Keys Authentication method Instead of regular password

  • Secure Sockets Layer Certificates

Secure web administration areas and forms with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that guards’ information passed between two systems via the internet. SSL can be used both in server-client and in server-server communication.3. Regular server Update, Upgrade and Backup This will help keep the system up to date with new fixes to vulnerability and weaknesses in the server.

  • Monitoring Login Attempts

Using intrusion prevention software to monitor login attempts is a way to protect your server against brute force attacks. These automated attacks use a trial-and-error method, attempting every possible combination of letters and numbers to gain access to the system.

  • Firewall Restrictions

We will be Setting Up and Maintaining a Firewall Restricting access to the server via firewall to stop unwanted request made to the server

  • Implementing Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban is an intrusion prevention software framework that protects computer servers from brute-force attacks. In other word it blocks IP address it finds suspicious.

IV.) Technical Support

We will provide pay technical support for you after launching your application. We will answer your question regarding application management, technical details, or anything about operating your own sever; we can provide this through email or by phone.

V.) Payment Plan

At the start of the development process for your company Application, you need to pay us 60% of the total development costs, the remaining balance of 40% should be paid after launching your site on the web (www). We will start the development immediately upon receiving of the initial payment.

VI.) Mode Of Payment

Our preferred mode of payment is Bank transfer. When payment is ready to be made, we will communicate the bank details to you.

VII.) Payment Plan

At the start of the development process for your company Application, you need to pay us 60% of the total development costs, the remaining balance of 40% will be given after launching your site on the web (www). We will start the development immediately upon receiving of the initial payment.

NOTE: Our quotations are valid for 7 days from the date of this quotation. If you have any other query regarding this quotation, please email us at or call us at +233207863123

Feel free to mail us to request for the demo link and the password for testing. Once you're ready to move forward with development of your custom application with your company logo, simply sign this proposal and email to us. We'll be notified and will begin the initial stages of app development.


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